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“I have known Kellie for 11 years and have watched her involvement in many projects ovr that time. Every single person benefits from her presence, talent, enthusiasm, and love of people. Wherever she goes she spreads and encourages Light.” ~ Jack Schlatter, deceased


“I am deeply thankful for Kellie’s hard work, motivation, and her commitment to helping those of us who work with her learn how to BE and BECOME our greatest possibilities. She has changed my life and I will be forever greatful!” ~Janie Long, Grand Junction CO


“Kellie has a profound understanding of my industry, the skill set to create an incredible business & a passion to help others become their greatest possibility. She has invested these things in me and I will forever be grateful.” ~ Renee Yutzy, Anthem AZ


“Kellie is a delight to ‘work’ with because she makes learning exciting . . . and it’s not WORK. She is fair, honest, and always answers every question I ask promptly. She amazes me with her endless energy and I always find myself telling my team to read everything she writes, even if they have to choose between her material and mine!” ~ Gail Arthur, Bedford VA


“Over the years I have worked with many business leaders and Kellie is one of the best as she is very knowledgeable about our industry and the science, research and clinical studies behind our produts. Kellie goes out of her way to help individual business owners and she has her heart in helping each one succeed.” ~ Drs. Eipe and Lisa Kuruvila, MD, Denver CO


“Kellie delivered such a powerful training for our team that I immediately encouraged every team member to invite more people to join us for our next live session. Every single one of us who attended left feeling that chains were already being broken, and we had just started. We are so excited for the future!” ~ Karen Ford, Charlottesville VA


“I cannot speak highly enough about Kellie and the impact she has had on my life, both personally and professionally. The assessment and subsequent work we did has completely transformed the way I listen, speak, and conduct myself with prospects, team members, family and friends. Our work together allowed me to discover what was holding me back from becoming my greatest possibility. Kellie’s care, dedication, and attention will make you feel like you are her ONLY client. If you want to uncover your greatest gifts and what you can offer to the world…look no further! I promise you will soar in life and business when you work with her.” ~ Erin Bescheinen, Austin TX


Since working with Kellie, I’ve been able to double the number of prospects I connect with each week. I have always struggled with fear on a daily basis, but Kellie’s sessions enabled me to harness that fear and turn it into daily action. This, in turn, led to an increase in my prospective customers & business partners. I attribute the change to a significant shift in attitude, particularly in my self-belief. More than any other coaching result, the ability to utilize specific tools to channel my new-found confidence into business action has made a huge difference for me, both personally AND professionally.” ~ Laura Swartzbaugh, Chicago IL

“Kellie has a deep love for helping others that is unending. She regularly reaches out to connect, train, guide, and help anyone who needs it. Her desire for wanting to help people succeed never stops and she does it all with Love, Grace and Integrity. I feel blessed to be both her business partner and her friend.” ~ Stacy Brown, Delta CO


“Kellie is one of the most gifted communicators and trainers I have worked with through the years, both in and out of network marketing.  Her passion is guiding others to become their greatest possibility through high-level coaching and targeted consulting programs.  She is gifted at helping others to shift perspective, get clear on goals and strategy, and remove roadblocks.  If you’re looking to move your business forward, I recommend Kellie.” ~ Laura Harris, Grand Junction CO


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Kellie for several years. The surroundings have changed a bit, but a few things have remained constant: Kellie’s tireless ability to match her teammates step-for-step, her drive for continuous improvement and honing of her skills, her extraordinary capacity for team member advocacy and her true heart’s dedication to helping as many people as possible become their greatest possibility right alongside her!” ~ Merilee Ott-Arau, Neenah WI


“I have known Kellie for more than 25 years and have had the pleasure of working with and observing her in many professional and personal settings.  I think Kellie embodies the statement ‘They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care’ and care she does.  She has a passion for learning, for sharing, for supporting and encouraging.  Supporting people through her wellness education and coaching has helped many of them transform their lives. Kellie has an intuitive business sense that has served her well and she really understands the importance of business development.  When I was on the Women’s Foundation of Colorado Board, I was impressed enough by Kellie’s community and professional activities that we awarded her our annual ‘Woman of the Year’ honor in Grand Junction.  There is nothing that ever stops her once she puts her mind to it!” ~ Joanna Little, Grand Junction CO

“Kellie is an experienced leadership, sales and productivity mentor who has helped countless people achieve their goals and tap into their potential over the last 20 years. As a certified behavior and talents analyst, she is equipped with the skills to help all people reach their potential. Anyone who wants to catch the fire of Life and become their greatest possibility should contact Kellie for an interview and get started on a customized program!” ~ Dr. Hank Seitz, Dallas TX

“Kellie is not only my trainer at the gym, but my business partner and most of all, my friend. She said two things to me that made me want to have her in my life. One was EXPLAINING why some bodies have a certain shape, form, composite than others. She didn’t toss out some ‘cut carbs or follow this program.’ She explained the genetics that are involved. On a separate occasion, after telling her how disappointed I was in my body after having 6 children in 7 ½ years, she looked at me and said I was beautiful. I took home with me a sense of needing this woman in my life – somehow, someway. I have found someone in Kellie that I can mention a goal or hope to and she stores that in her brain, and at the most unexpected moment, will send a note or text that says: ‘Keep going, you can do it, try this…this might help…or a simple ‘I believe in you.’ Kellie is the genuine real deal when it comes to a mentor and friend. I trust all that she tells me because she treats me with respect, and like a member of her own family. All the lives touched by her are better and healthier in so many ways. I am thankful for having Kellie Caldwell in my life.” ~ Caroline Powell, Grand Junction CO


“Kellie is a dynamic and heart-centered leader and coach. She is one of those rare human beings who blends her profound life wisdom with her extensive professional experience and powerful success so that her words are penetrating and inspiring. She communicates with enormous compassion and authenticity, showing us the way to become more alive and impactful in our own lives. Kellie walks her talk, striving for excellence and integrity in everything she does. She brings focus, passion and commitment to the people that have the privilege to work with her. As a leader in the industries of network and relationship marketing, she is a talented and inspiring  keynote speaker, presenter, and coach! She understands relationship building from the ground up based on the core values she believes in and practices. She is a wonderful role model for powerful leadership.” ~ Robin Temple, Boulder CO



Case Study: Subway Francises, Colorado

“Our Subway Restaurant group began working with Kellie several years ago. We were motivated to invest in our team’s development, increase team retention, and advance our positive cutlure. The informatio we gleaned on ourselves was enlightening, created immediate increased self-awareness, opened dialogue between the uper management team, and changed the prism through which we discerned situations and motivations. In short, we developed a much better sense of understanding of one another while beting better able to communicate.

“When we rolled out the assessments to our store managers, the program had much the same effect. We noticed an increase in positive interactions with customers and stakeholders. We saw that culturally, managers had a much more advanced understanding and respect for their peers and subordinates. This was achieved through seeing the diversity among these individuals, and that the diversity had a positive net return on their store. We invited Kellie out to provide additional development on positive communication and listening skills. This helped to build upon the assessment awareness we had created to be able to further tailor customer experiences to meet customer expectations.

“Initially this program can create hesitation, as with any investment that will expend financial resources and time. We have found that this development work has forever changed our organization and has had long-term positive effects culturally. We have virtually no self-induced turnover at our store manager and assistance manager levels. We have an immense positive team culture – one of mututal respect and support among peers. We embrace and welcome diversity on all levels as an opportunity to better serve our customers and ensure we have the most human capital possible.

“All of this has resulted in our stores averaging approximately 36% more in weekly volume than the average Subway Restaurant, and the distinction of being the only organization to be named “Franchisee of the Year” multiple times in North Colorado. I would recommend this program to anyone in charge of a learning organization that is serious about advancing and growing their human capital.” ~ Chad Feltz, J&L Sandwiches

My Personal Message to You

I am deeply passionate about empowring all people to create the life and business of their dreams. I’d like to help YOU do the same. If you’re open to new ideas, new learning, new discoveries, and new growth – if you’d like to tap into the incredible person YOU were created to be and help all those around you do the same – I’d like to connect. Let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you!

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