The Growth Project.

“I simply cannot speak highly enough about Kellie and how much of an impact she has had on my life, both personally and professionally. The assessment and subsequent work with Kellie completely transformed the way I listen, speak, and conduct myself with my prospects, team members, and even my family and friends. Through my work with Kellie, I was finally able to discover what was holding me back from becoming my greatest possibility…her mission statement is perfectly suited to who she is and what she does! She will make you feel like you are her ONLY client…so much care, dedication, and attention. If you are looking for that missing link to uncover your greatest gifts and what you can offer to the world…look no further! I promise you will soar in life and in business when you choose to work with her!”

Erin Bescheinen | Austin TX

Entrepreneur & Network Marketing Leader

“Since working with Kellie, I’ve been able to double the number of prospects I connect with each week. I have always struggled with fear on a daily basis, but Kellie’s sessions enabled me to harness that fear and turn it into daily action. This, in turn, led to an increase in my prospective customers & business partners. I attribute the change to a significant shift in attitude, particularly in my self-belief. More than any other coaching result, the ability to utilize specific tools to channel my new-found confidence into business action has made a huge difference for me, personally AND professionally.”

Laura Swartzbaugh, PhD | Chicago IL

Professor & Network Marketing Leader

THE GROWTH PROJECT™ for business.

Is your business where you dreamed it would be?

Are you getting the results you desire and set out to achieve?

Or are you trying to figure out how to maximize your results with people?

Are you closing the sales, attracting the partners, and making the connnections you need to build the business and lifestyle you desire?

Are you building strong teams of driven leaders and top performers, or does it feel like everyone is going in different directions and not producing maximum results?

Are you ready to take your business GROWTH & business RESULTS to the next level?

THE GROWTH PROJECT™ is purposefully designed to help solo entrepreneurs, network marketing leaders, direct sellers, small business owners, large business owners, start-ups, real estate teams, franchise organizations and everyone in between do just that.

And more. Much more.

This moving and ever-evolving program is built on the foundation of a thorough and statistically accurate series of personalized sales & leadership assessments that include a number of critical insights into WHO you are, HOW and WHY you do what you, and WHAT competencies you need to develop in order to get from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest period of time possible. It is packed full of information and trainings designed to meet the needs of each enrolled individual & team member.

No matter where you are in the growth of your business, understanding WHO you were created to be and learning how to effectively recognize and speak the languages of your ideal prospects, clients and team members is critically important to your short and long-term success. Within the framwork and structure of THE GROWTH PROJECT™, we’ll uncover discoveries and success strategies that will shift your mindset, build your confidence, change your thinking and get you engaging in productive business-building activities that contribute to both your professional and personal growth.

As a member of THE GROWTH PROJECT™ you’ll have my personal support to address your individual needs and unlimited access to other project members who are all working toward measuarable results and getting from where they are to where they want to be. My philosophy: “The greatest lessons we have to teach others are the very ones we must also learn ourselves!”

Here’s a sneek peek at what you can expect inside THE GROWTH PROJECT™:

  • Personalized Behavior & Motivator Assessments
  • Personalized Talent & Skills Assessement
  • Online Membership Portal with Lifetime Access
  • Targeted Growth Trainings:
    1. Selling with Service, Style & Sophistication
    2. Listening to Learn + Lead
    3. Selling in the GROWTH Zone
    4. Tacking Time
    5. Building Your Belief Triangle
    6. Setting GROWTH Goals
    7. The 15-Minute Productivity Kit™
    8. StressBusting 101™ . . . just to name a few!
  • Members-Only Mastermind Group
  • Live Coaching Calls & Q/A Sessions
  • Special Guest Presenters
  • Unlimited Email & Online Support
  • + so much more!

*Please Note: THE GROWTH PROJECT™ includes several options, including “Just You” (if you’d like to start on the program yourself), “You + One” (if you’d like to join with another and even add in additional team members within your first 30 days) & “You + Me” (if you’d like to contract with me for private assessment overviews and additional support). You can learn more about these options on THE GROWTH PROJECT™ training webinar & program overview by clicking here.

PS: The training webinar includes loads of FREE training that will benefit YOU and YOUR BUSINESS right now . . . even if you never step foot inside the program! 🙂

“I had the opportunity to do in-depth assessment work with Kellie and my experience was very eye-opening and amazing! Not only do I have a greater understanding of myself, but also those around me. Through this experience I have been able to improve broken relationships and live my best life as my best me. I am a top performer in my career and this assessment work with Kellie is a vital part of my continued succcess.”

Maggie LaHue | Radio Sales Rep | MCB Grand Broadcasting | Grand Junction CO

“I think Kellie embodies the statement, ‘They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,’ and care she does. She has a passion for learning, for sharing, for supporting and encouraging. Supporting people through her coaching and consulting programs has helped many transform their lives.”

Joanna Little | Grand Junction CO

Real Estate Agent/Educator & Community Leader

THE GROWTH PROJECT™ for self & life.


Are you fulfilling your passion and being the person you were created to be?

Do you long to live more of the life you dream about when your eyes are closed?

Do you have a passion to build stronger relationships with others?

Do you want to tap into your true potential & release it into the world?

Are there aspects of your life you’d like to reinvent and start anew?

Do you desire to learn how to resolve conflict faster or avoid it altogether?

Do you want to improve your existing relationships with with others?


THE GROWTH PROJECT™ for self & life is designed for those individuals who have a strong desire to take their personal awareness, influence, confidence and overall levels happiness to the next level. All aspects of personal growth (which deeply effects your professional development, relationships, parenting, friendships, family dynamics & more) will be addressed and positively affected through this profound and deeply moving self-paced program. Here’s a sneak peek into the information you’ll gain from the personal set of assessments we use as a foundation of this program:

  • Who you were created to be.
  • HOW and WHY you do what you do.
  • What values you bring to your life, work & relationships.
  • How you prefer to be communicated with.
  • Tips to help others communicate with you better.
  • Strategies to help you communicate with others.
  • Where and how you’re wasting your precious time.
  • How others perceive you when you’re experiencing stress.
  • How to eliminate stress and get back to living your happiest life.
  • . . . and much, much more!

Basically we’re going to hold up the mirror and allow you to SEE yourself – all of you – like never before! You’re going to adore the person you were created to be an, perhaps for the first time ever, truly embrace that person and let her (or him) shine. 🙂

Your confidence will soar. Your relationships will improve. Your ability to communicate effectively will skyrocket. You’ll diffuse and eliminate conflict from your life and allow happiness to become the cornerstone of your existence. You’ll attract more people into your life & live the life you were created to live, as the person you were created to be.

As a member of THE GROWTH PROJECT™ you’ll have my personal support to address your unique needs and access to other members who are also actively moving from where they are to where they want to be.

And because we’re learning together, we’ll embrace my core philosophy: “The greatest lessons we have to teach others are the very ones we must also learn ourselves!”


“Kellie has a profound understanding of my industry, the skill set to create an incredible business and a true passion to help others become their greatest possibility. She has invested these things in me personally, and my family and I will forever be grateful. I know we will share many more years of friendship & business!”

Renee Yutzy | Entrepreneur & Business Owner | Youngevity International & Unity Marketing | Anthem AZ

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