The Top 5 Genetic Test Questions

If you’re considering (or have done) genetic testing for yourself, someone you love, or want to offer testing to your clients/patients, this is a must-read for you . . . AND them!

When considering a DNA Genetic Test, many important questions arise, and rightfully so. The world of medical and behavioral genetics has grown quickly, and (as compared to where the industry was when I first started studying the subject in the early 1990s), suffice it to say that, “We’ve come a long way, baby.”


So where do you even begin?


First, it’s important to be aware of and understand three key concepts:

  • There is a BIG difference between ancestral/genealogy tests and personalized Health & Wellness or Personalized Medicine & Drug Sensitivity Genetic Tests.

  • There is a BIG difference between private genetic data (our #1 priority and commitment) and selling or making personal genetic data public. Yes, it’s happening every day!

  • There is a BIG difference between actionable genetic data and informational data. With actionable data, you OWN your results and can APPLY them to your life.

As a genomic-based wellness coach and Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) consultant, my goal is to empower you with the clarity and understanding you will need to make an informed, intelligent, and inspired decision. 

My focus is on educating you – the client – BEFORE you invest, not after. 

This approach protects your privacy, makes the world of genetic testing a lot less scary, and creates excitement about what you will learn and how you can apply it to your life.

Below are the top 5 questions we receive from prospective consumers who want to make sure their making the right investment with the right company.

#1: What will a genetic test tell me about myself?

To answer this question, it’s important to understanding the science of genetics.

Genetic tests analyze variations in gene SNPs (referred to as “snips”). Simply put, a SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) is a genetic variation in DNA that differentiates you from somebody else. Each SNP represents a meaningful, biologically relevant variation that occurs in more than 1% of the population.

These variations in the genetic code can range from having no affect at all to completely changing the way proteins in your body operate or how your body responds to the input of things like food, supplements and medications, and the output of things like exercise and activity. Each SNP acts as a “biological marker” that helps scientists analyze differences associated with human health and disease.

The ability to study individual genes and the variations of individual SNPs has paved the way for the awareness and delivery of highly detailed, personalized, and actionable data: data you can actually take action on and do something with to improve your wellness!

Depending on which AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test you choose (our “Premium Test” analyzes 60 unique SNPs, and our “Lite Test” analyzes just 25 unique SNPs), your personal DNA report will provide an analysis of the genes that determine how you will achieve optimal wellness and athletic performance. This information can guide you toward more informed health-related decisions that will have a profound impact on your personal goals, dietary habits, fitness and exercise programs, nutrition, and weight management.

You’ll be able to create and implement a plan that works for you based on your unique genes . . . no more guessing, no more rollercoaster rides, no more searching the internet for the “latest, greatest, quick fix” program.


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#2: How is a DNA Genetic Test different from an ancestral genetic test?

Typically, when people first hear about or become interested in personal genetic testing, their interest is in ancestry – learning where their maternal and/or paternal ancestral family is from – or basic genetic traits that are passed down through the generations.

Ancestral genetic testing only offers information on genealogy (your ancestry) and other simple genealogical factors, such as hair color, eye color, or core health attributes.

AGS Health & Wellness Genetic tests are VERY different.

In fact, we do not evaluate ancestry at all (this would require us to share your personal information across public ancestral databases). Instead, our focus is evaluating the key gene SNPs that are actionable in nature and specific to the improvement of your personal health and wellness (i.e. diet and food choices, activity and exercise decisions, nutritional supplementation, emotional and addictive behaviors, and much more). This is why we specifically call them health and wellness tests. 🙂

#3: How do I get the most value out of my DNA Genetic Test results?

This is a great question, and such an important part of the process!

To start, after receiving your private results (they come directly to you in an encrypted format after all of your genetic material has been destroyed), we’ll schedule your FREE consultation (30 minutes for the “Premium Test” and 15 minutes for the “Lite Test”). In this session, we’ll hit the key points of your actionable report:

> Summary Section: Genetic Summary Highlights, Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan, Nutritional Tips for Optimal Health, Vitamins and Supplements, Exercise and Activity + Personal Genetic Behaviors (“Premium Test” only) and Health Awareness and Effort Score (“Premium Test” only)

> Detailed Nutrigenetic Health Report: Food Choices (Fats/Carbohydrates), Exercise and Activity (Endurance Potential/Power Potential/Response to Resistance Training), Vitamin and Mineral Needs + Genetic Weight/BMI/Overall Wellness (“Premium Test” only), Taste Sensory/Beverage Reaction (“Premium Test” only), Injury and Recovery (“Premium Test” only), Cholesterol/Blood Pressure (“Premium Test” only), Behaviors (“Premium Test” only)

The purpose of this free consultation is to help you:

> Gain Awareness and Set Actionable Goals: Equipped with an overview of your personal genetic results, you’ll be provided with all the tools you need (worksheet, forms, tracking documents) to begin making new lifestyle choices and establish clear, actionable goals for each Summary/Detail area of your pesronal health & wellness report.

> Create an Implementation Plan: At the end of your free session, we’ll explore options to continue working together on an implementation, support, and accountability plan for you. If you’d like to continue working together, I will coach you. If you need referrals for the creation of specific nutrition, supplement, and fitness programs, I will connect you. The options are endless!

> Engage and Take Action: You’ll also have exclusive (optional) access to a private online genomic wellness community where you can ask questions, receive recipe and exercise information, and engage with other clients maximizing their results with genetic testing.


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#4: Will a DNA Genetic test help me lose weight?

That depends  . . . on you. And what you choose to do with your report.

The AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test is an outstanding tool to help with weight loss, weight gain, muscle development, and performance enhancement.

If weight loss is your top priority, the test results provide a Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan based on your unique DNA and key recommendations for: curbing appetite, choosing the right vitamins and supplements, selecting appropriate exercies (power vs. endurance or speed), behavior modification, and so much more. All you have to do is put in the effort and follow your personalized plan.

If you’ve been on a rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain without lasting results, investing in yourself with an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test is a smart decision, and perhaps the greatest gift you will give yourself . . . and those who love you.

Understanding your unique genetic makeup will help you stop wasting time and energy, and get the most out of every minute of effort you put toward change. You will also have the option of working with me one-on-one toward behavioral and mindset changes to make lasting decisions that positively effect all area of your life and living.

#5: Do I need a DNA Genetic Test if I see my doctor for regular physicals?

In my opinion, everyone (from 0 to 100) needs an accurate Health & Wellness Genetic Test and a Personal Medicine Drug Sensitivity Test, especially when seeing their physician for regular physicals and lab work. The Personal Medicine Drug Sensitivity Test is essential for anyone who is currently on or may soon be in need of prescription medications.

It’s important to understand that your pesonal AGS tests are based on your genetics – the building blocks of who you were created to be – and since your DNA does not change, one test will last your lifetime. Lab work is blood based and can change by the hour.

Both are essential to optimizing your personal health, wellness, and nutrition goals.

My suggestions is to have both your genetic test results and a recent blood panel in-hand for a complete picture of where you are today in order to get you to where you want to be.


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Are you ready to begin your genomic-based wellness journey?

Are you ready to unlock the secrets hidden inside your personal DNA?

An AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test will help you understand yourself with absolutely clarity, and privacy. Not all companies can make that guarantee. As a consumer, it’s your job to be enducated and make informed decisions that protect your personal data.

If you have additional questions before getting started, or would like to learn more, let’s connect live. Together, we’ll create a plan that’s personalized to YOU and select the tests and coaching options that put the power of your life and living back in YOUR hands.

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