3 Steps to Maximize Your Health & Wellness Genetic Test Results

If you’ve taken your AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test, it’s time to dig in, take a closer look, and maximize your genetic test results and learn how to apply them to your life!

For a good portion of my professional career, I’ve coached people on the importance of gaining clarity and insight into WHO they are, and HOW and WHY they do what they do.

But the vast majority of individuals keep on scouring the internet for the “latest & greatest” program, guru, or quick fix. They keep guessing about what will or won’t work for them to get the measurable results they desire. They keep wasting valuable time and throwinng away hard-earned dollars . . . with only temporary results, or none at all.

But, why? After all, there is a better way.

Have you heard about it?


When you have access to genetic tests (The Genetic Project™) and personalized behavior, motivator, and talent assessments (The Growth Project™) that deliver results with nearly 100% accuracy, my question is this: WHY IN THE WORLD wouldn’t everyone invest in their own “owners manual?”

We weren’t born with them afterall! 🙂


Today, our focus is on your personalized Health & Wellness Genetic Test and what you can do to maximize your results with the results you’ve received. Toward that end, let’s focus on your first three action steps:

  • Action Step #1: Schedule your FREE report review and/or consultation.

  • Action Step #2: Develop a personal comprehensive lifestyle plan.

  • Action Step #3: Implement the plan with new resources + tools.

Let’s dig in deeper. 

#1: Schedule your FREE report review and/or consultation.

Your AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test is 100% private and your results will arrive via encrypted email approximately two weeks after your DNA sample (simple cheek swab) has and compiled into an actionable “Health & Wellness Genetic Profile Report.”

After receiving your report, it’s time to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION. This short consultation (15 minutes for the Lite test and 30 minutes for the Premium Test) is the best way to interpret your test results and begin the process of developing a new lifestyle action plan and smarter lifestyle choices.

During your intial consultation, I will provide one-on-one guidance and support to help you create customized nutrition, supplement, and exercise/activity plans based on your genetic results, personal goals, and desired outcomes.

A review of your results will reveal:

  • How to optimize your macronutrient needs, including the exact percentages of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that are best for your genotype.

  • How to counteract any micronutrient vitamin (A, D, B6, B12, Folate, E, Iron, etc) and/or supplement deficiencies your genetic test has identified.

  • How to balance your exercise regimine to enhance muscle development and strength for improved physical fitness, maintenance, elite performance, or competition athletics.

  • How to manage your personal choices to account for genetically based behaviors like food cravings, taste preferences, emotional eating, satiety, and addictive tendencies.

  • How to manage your genetic ability to metabolize lactose, caffeine, and alcohol.

  • How “genetically flexible” your Overall Health & Wellness Awareness & Effort Score is and how much energy you will need to put toward your overall health and well-being.

  • . . . so much more!

>>> To learn which AGS Health & Wellness Test is best for you, SCHEDULE A CONSULT HERE.

>>> To purchase your AGS Health & Wellness Test, CLICK HERE.

#2: Develop a personal comprehensive lifestyle plan.

With your Health & Wellness Report in hand and an initial consultation to explore and understand your results, it’s time to put your new found genetic knowledge into action!

The difference between your AGS report and most others available on the market today? Two words: Actionable Data. What good is information if you can’t actually apply it to make positive lifestyle changes and improve your overall health and wellness?


. . . where WE create your personal lifestyle plan TOGETHER!


The Genetic Project™ is a 6-week, laser-focused intensive where we dig deep into each of the six summary pages of your report to create specific action and accountability plans for YOUR personal wellness goals and objectives:

  • Week 1: Your Genetic Summary Highlights

  • Week 2: Your Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan, Part 1

  • Week 3: Your Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan, Part 2

  • Week 4: Your Micronutrients, Vitamins + Supplements

  • Week 5: Your Exercise + Activity

  • Week 6: Your Behaviors + Your Health & Wellness Effort Score

Each week, we’ll meet (individually or as a group – you get to choose which option is best for you and your health & wellness budget) to review the summary information, as well as the detailed nutrigenetic health report data supporting those results. You will walk away with valuable training, coaching, mentoring, and guided application resources to take action on your new lifestyle plan and make the changes necessary to deliver the results you desire. For example:

  • If you would like to focus on dietary changes, we will use your Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan and your genetic dietary profile to properly portion your meals based off of your personal macronutrients needs. No more guessing on portions again!

  • If your focus is fitness, we’ll use your Exercise and Activity summary to create a personal plan based on the exact power vs endurance exercises you should be doing to optimize your workouts and achieve optimal fitness based on your unique DNA.

  • If you want to know your predispositions to certain behavioral tendencies, we’ll use your Behavior Summary to understand your personal food cravings, satiety, taste, sweet tooth, emotional eating, and response to addictive behaviors.

Knowledge is power.

When you know your genotype, you put yourself in control of the decisions that will help you thrive and live a long, vibrant, healthy life.

#3: Implement the plan with new resources + tools.

Your AGS Health & Wellness Report and each of the sections it contains (see below) are excellent tools to use to improve your life. But simply having the information isn’t enough.

Awareness is key, but magic happens when you DO something.

In order to SEE and FEEL measurable results, you have to choose to put your newfound personal genetic information to work. The Genetic Project™is specifically designed with YOU in mind. It will grow your connection to your results. It will provide the in-depth training you need to set your mindset. It will empower you to effectively implement your plan and experience lasting benefits that permeate all areas of your life and living.

The hammer is not going to swing itself.

Be empowered. Get the information you need to continue to maximize your knowledge with a personalized genetic report that puts you in control of your future success!


The AGS Health & Wellness Report includes all of the following:

> Summary Section: Genetic Summary Highlights, Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan, Nutritional Tips for Optimal Health, Vitamins and Supplements, Exercise and Activity + Personal Genetic Behaviors (“Premium Test” only) and Health Awareness and Effort Score (“Premium Test” only)

> Detailed Nutrigenetic Health Report: Food Choices (Fats/Carbohydrates), Exercise and Activity (Endurance Potential/Power Potential/Response to Resistance Training), Vitamin and Mineral Needs + Genetic Weight/BMI/Overall Wellness (“Premium Test” only), Taste Sensory/Beverage Reaction (“Premium Test” only), Injury and Recovery (“Premium Test” only), Cholesterol/Blood Pressure (“Premium Test” only), Behaviors (“Premium Test” only)


>>> To learn which AGS Health & Wellness Test is best for you, SCHEDULE A CONSULT HERE.

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Are you ready to begin your genomic-based wellness journey?

Are you ready to unlock the secrets hidden inside your personal DNA?

An AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test will help you understand yourself with absolutely clarity, and privacy. Not all companies can make that guarantee. As a consumer, it’s your job to be enducated and make informed decisions that protect your personal data.

If you have additional questions before getting started, or would like to learn more, let’s connect live. Together, we’ll create a plan that’s personalized to YOU and select the tests and coaching options that put the power of your life and living back in YOUR hands.

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