Want results? Understand your Overall Health Awareness and Effort Score.

You’re expending energy to improve your personal level of health, wellness, and fitness.

You’re dedicated. You’re working hard. You’re watching what you eat and sweating it out at the gym. You’re starting to see results and make progress . . . or maybe you’re not.

If you had your way (and you’re willing to admit it), you want better results.

But how do you go about getting better results?

Simple: Understand your Overall Health Awareness and Effort Score.

If you have already purchased an AGS Premium Health & Wellness Genetic test, or you’re undecided on which test to buy (Premium or Lite), know this: The proprietary AGS “Health Awareness and Effort Score” is ONLY available with the Premium report.

What Exactly is the “Health Awareness and Effort Score”?


When viewing your Premium Test results, Your AGS Health Awareness and Effort Score is a number rating between 1 to 10.

> A score of 1 means that a low level of awareness and effort is required to stay healthy.

> A score of 10 means that a high level of awareness and effort is required to stay fit.

The score is calculated by examining SNPs in your DNA that have been associated with weight gain including BMI, waist circumference, and body fat percentage. These DNA base pairs represent various genetic tendencies such as: overeating, lower metabolic rates, cravings for sweet foods, and other behaviors that can lead to weight management issues. Being aware of your genetic tendencies will allow you to understand the level of effort you need to give to achieve your health and fitness goals.


What Does My Score Mean?

A term often used when explaining your score is “Genetic Flexibility.” Genetic Flexibility describes how much leeway you will have when it comes to making nutrition, diet, and excercise decisions based on your uniuqe genetics. For example, a higher score means you will have less flexibility. A lower score means you have greater flexibility . . . but a lower score requires us to be wary as well. Why? A lower score may encourage worse habits and behaviors of good health and ultimately lead to less than desired results.


> If your schore is “HIGH”

First, a “high” score does not mean you are doomed to be obese! It simply implies that you need to be extremely conscious of making healthy nutrition and exercise choices, and will need to exert more effort to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight.

The good news? This tendency can be overcome with lifestyle and behavioral changes using your individualized nutritional tips and the detailed recommendations contained in your AGS Premium Health & Wellness Genetic report.

When you adhere to the diet and exercise recommendations required by your unique DNA, it will keep you accountable and on track to achieve optimal health and wellness.


> If your score is “MODERATE”

A “moderate” score simply tells us that the amount of effort and energy you invest toward overall well-being will deliver equal results.

Yes, you may need more than normal awareness when it comes to healthy eating and habits, And you may have to exert some additional effort in order to maintain a healthy weight or to lose weight. But you will not have to keep these your activities, actions, and choices at the forefront of our thinking 24/7/365.

On average, most Americans fall into this range.


> If your score is “LOW”

A “low” score tells us that it’s going to be much easier for you to maintain a healthy weight and/or to lose weight, and stay physically fit. Because of this, you may enjoy greater Genetic Flexibility in regards to diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Nevertheless, remember this: if your daily caloric intake exceeds your energy expenditure, you may still experience weight gain and other related health issues.

Individuals with a “low” score must stay health-conscience because having too much flexibility can actually encourage laziness, bad habits, and behaviors that eventually catch up with them over the course of time.


Understanding Genetic, Environmental, and Behavior Choices

It’s a simple fact that achieving optimal health takes dedication, time and energy. But understanding how you are different than the next person is hugely helpful when setting personal goals that are actually achievable.

Yes, genetics plays an important and powerful role, but we cannot change our genes.

So what can be done and why should you care what your genes are saying?

The answer is simple.

While it’s true that your genes are set at the moment of your conception, the good news is that the other components related to your “health” (behavior choices and environmental factors) and the outcomes you achieve are both actionable and adjustable.

> 30% of your Health Awareness and Effort Score is genetic (won’t change)

> 30% of your Health Awareness and Effort Score is environmental

> 40% of your Health Awareness and Effort Score is behavioral.

This means that after considering your genetic predispositions, your personal environment and personal behavior choices are the two areas we need to evaluate to see where changes can be made to achieve the outcomes you desire.


How Can Knowing My “Health Awareness and Effort Score” Help Me?

Your Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Profile reveals what genes play a role in how YOU respond to certain influences. It makes recommendations for the amounts of macro (percentage of fats, carbs, and proteins) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and supplements) you need, along with the percentage of power vs. endurance exercises you will benefit from and the behavioral tendencies you’ll have.

These recommendations are based on YOUR unique genes and suggest specific changes and lifestyle choices that will help you gain and maintain better health.

Understanding the meaning of your unique gene variations (i.e. eating a full meal and not feeling full) are important. Why? Because without extra effort on your part to change or modify the behaviors and/or environment associated with that specific gene variation, you won’t be able to fully overcome the genetic tendency/predisposition and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Examples of these behavioral changes may include:

  • Modifying food portion sizes

  • Adapting the amount of time you spend eating

  • Drinking more water during meals to encourage fullness and proper digestion

  • Reducing alcohol intake with and around meals

  • Addressing certain food desires and/or cravings

How Can I Use My Score to My Advantage?

In order to optimize, improve or create any successful health and wellness plan, it’s critical that we acknowledge the importance of our personal genetics and genetic profile from the start.

This is why one-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to diet and exercise!

According to research, genetics do play a role, but they cannot be the sole factor that contribute to and determine your success. Most studies don’t take into account the importance of “effort” and the role it plays in health and wellness goal achievement.

> Step #1: Know your unique AGS Health Awareness and Effort Score. It is key to understanding the level of energy that will be required BY YOU to change certain behaviors and/or environmental factors will help you reach our full health potential. 

> Step #2: Establish a strong support network. Lifestyle changes are not always easy to make. Because of this, it’s important to have the support, accountability, and connections you need – from friends, loved ones, coaches, trainers, and more – to create meaningful and lasting change.

With your FREE consultation, we’ll review your report together and create a plan of action to get optimize your results. From there, we can continue working together during the process of implementation, or you can work with specialists (i.e. dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers healthcare providers, etc) to keep you accountable and on-track.

A nutrition plan is a great start, but keeping your personal AGS Health Awareness and Effort Score in mind (and soon on your wrist with our forthcoming mobile app and wearable technology) will you increase your ability to achieve your goals.

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Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) LLC is a pioneer in the development and delivery of Health & Wellness and Drug Sensitivity Genetic Testing. By providing reports in an easy-to-read format, AGS has simplified the delivery of complicated genetic data and offers post-testing consultation for free. Unlike several other genetic companies, AGS does not sell or transfer any of our client’s data. Period. AGS adheres to strict confidentiality and privacy laws that ensures the privacy of each client’d genetic information. No exceptions.

Are you ready to begin your genomic-based wellness journey?

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