The Growth Project

Empowering people to reinvent their lives, reach their potential, and become their greatest possibility in all areas of living.

The Growth Project™ is a sophisticated, personalized assessment-based coaching program designed to help individuals get from where they are to where they want to go in the shortest period of time possible and deliver measurable results.

Create clarity around WHO you are, HOW you do what you do (behaviors), WHY you do it (motivators), and WHAT you can do (acumen + competencies) to quickly achieve greater levels of happiness and success in all areas of life or business



Combine your personalized assessments from The Growth Project™ with an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test. You’ll not only acquire profound insights into who you are, how and why you do what you do, but learn how to maximize your unique DNA to create new habits and make significant behavioral changes for lightning-fast results in all areas of life.

Who is The Growth Project™ + assessment coaching for?




Learn how to excewl in all areas of life and in all your personal and professional relationship. Recognize the unique behavioral languages of others to bridge communication gaps & develop stronger, meaningful relationships.


Develop the skills you will need to excel in business and achieve the results you desire. Master the ability to close more sales, build stronger teams, attract more clients or team members, and gain more life/work balance.


Master your ability to excel as a successful leader and manage the growth of your business with ease. Understand unique team dynamics and how to improve workplace performance from all team members.


Uncover who you are to feel more happiness and achieve more success in your academics, with your peers, and in your home. Discover what you are passionate about & what you’d like to choose as a career or study in college.

What does The Growth Project™ include?

Everything below.


Assessment #1: Behaviors (DISC)

Measured in four proportions, the TTI SI® Behaviors Assessment opens the door to reveal who you were created to be, how you perform, how you prefer to communicate and interact with others, what values you bring to teams and/or organizations, the key strengths you possess, and limitations that may be holding you back from being your greatest possibility.

Research demonstrates that the most effective and successful people are those who understand themselves (both strengths and weaknesses), and then use that information to understand and speak the languages of others and develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

This assessment is a MUST for anyone who wants to live in their “natural” style and eliminate stress, fatigue, anxiety, and tension in all areas of life.

Assessment #2: Motivators/Values

After exploring HOW you do what you do, it’s important to understand WHY you exhibit the unique behaviors that define the essence of you. This awareness will help you recognize the same in others to bridge any gaps that limit communication, clarity, and connection.

Motivators tell us why people engage in life and work, resesarch that dates back to Eduard Spranger’s esteemed 1928 work and followed by decades of TTI Success Insights® analysis to define what sparks ambition, action, and decision making in individuals everywhere around the world.

This assessment is a MUST for anyone wanting to take their understanding of themselves and others to a deeper level and expand their relationships.

Assessment #3: Talents + Competencies

This assessment measures 25 personal skills necessary for success in all areas of life and business. These competencies ensure that the skills you possess match the soft skills required for the work you’re doing.

Research proves that personal (or soft) skills are as important as technical skills in producing superior performance. Personal skills are transferable to different jobs, whereas technical skills are usually more specific.

We’ll examines 25 personal skills ranked from most developed to those requiring further development and use the information contained in your Behavior + Motivator Assessments to indentify the core skills you need to become a top performer in life and business and take action to grow and develop them quickly.

Implementation + Program Inclusions

The Growth Project is a comprehensive personal + professional growth and development that will dramatically impact the way you see yourself, interact with others, build connections, and approach relationships for a lifetime.

All participants of The Growth Project™ will have my personal guidance and support, plus optional access to other project members working toward the same or similar measurable results. This format honors my personal growth philosophy of: “The greatest lessons we have to teach others are the very ones we must also learn ourselves.”

In addition to the assessments outlined above, all participants will have 24/7/365 access to:

1) The Growth Project™ Members-Only Online Membership Portal

2) Lifetime Access to All Modules, Lessons + Trainings

3) The Growth Project™ FB Mastermind Group

4) The Growth Training Library™


Live Coaching Calls, Q & A Sessions, Special Guest Presenters, Custom Trainings, Email Support + more!

What are others say about The Growth Project?


“Since working with Kellie, I’ve been able to double the number of prospects I connect with each week. I have always struggled with fear on a daily basis, but Kellie’s sessions enabled me to harness that fear and turn it into daily action. This, in turn, led to an increase in my prospective customers & business partners. I attribute the change to a significant shift in attitude, particularly in my self-belief. More than any other coaching result, the ability to utilize specific tools to channel my new-found confidence into business action has made a huge difference for me, both personally AND professionally.”

Laura Swartzbaugh, PhD | Chicago IL

Professor + Online Dating Coach

“I cannot speak highly enough about Kellie and the impact she has had on my life, both personally & professionally. The assessment work we did has completely transformed the way I listen, speak, and conduct myself with prospects, team members, family and friends. Our work together allowed me to discover what was holding me back from becoming my greatest possibility. Kellie’s care, dedication, and attention will make you feel like you are her ONLY client. If you want to uncover your greatest gifts and what you can offer to the world…look no further! I promise you will soar in life and business when you work with her.

Erin Bescheinen | Autsin TX

Entrepreneur, Mom + Non-Profit Retailer

“Kellie has a profound understanding of my industry, the skill set to create an incredible business, and a true passion to help others become their greatest possibility. She has invested these things in me, and my family and I will be forever grateful. In the four years I’ve worked with Kellie, I’ve been able to earn well over $100,000 of additional income for my family, qualified for a beautiful luxury car paid for by my company, took a fabulous all-expenses paid vacation with my husband, moved my family to be closer to relatives and live in our dream home, and continue to earn significant full-time income with her.

Renee Yutzy | Anthem AZ

Marketing Entrepreneur & NWM Leader

“I had the opportunity to do in-depth assessment work with Kellie and my experience was very eye-opening and amazing! Not only do I have a greater understanding of myself, but also those around me. Through this experience I have been able to improve both personal and professional relationships and live my best life as my best me. I am a top performer in my career and this work with Kellie is a vital part of my continued success.”

Maggie LaHue | Radio Sales Rep | MCB Grand Broadcasting | Grand Junction CO

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