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My Wellness Philosophy: Balance

Navigating wellness isn’t always easy. It’s unique to each individual and demands our attention. It requires effort and a steadfast determination that extends beyond our everyday responsibilities. There are times when it’s easy and times when it’s really, really tough. There are times when we’re motivated and times when we just aren’t feeling it. There are days when it’s at the forefront of our minds and days when (if we’re completely honest) we could absolutely care less.

But the one thing we all know with certainty? It’s important.

Without wellness, our ability to live an abundant life is severly limited. 

This is something I know first-hand and it drives my passion for helping people balance the pursuit of their dreams and the building of their lives and businesses with strategies that support optimal health, happiness and a deep level of personal satisfaction.

My wellness philosophy comes from a profound personal journey of extremes spanning nearly four decades and countless experiences – some good and some bad. My vision of wellness may not align with everyone, and it may not always be popular, but I believe in authenticity and the importance of sharing ones story with vulnerability and heart.


My Wellness Journey

My wellness journey goes all the way back to my days raising 4-H lambs and steers as a farm girl in western Colorado. Every day was a lesson in natural living – the good, the bad and the ugly. Meat came from the animals we hand-raised. Vegetables came from the gardens we tended. Fruit came from the acres of trees surrounding our home. Eggs came from the chicken coop in the backyard. Everything was grown & eaten with love.

When I was finishing elementary school and my parents divorced, my days at the farm were limited and a lot changed: schools, friends, and the only family I’d ever known. Within a year, my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was 33. I was 10. My sister was 3. The active, healthy lifestyle we’d always lived came to a screeching halt.

In the year or so that followed, life changed dramatically. Mom fought like a warrior and in her will to live changed everything about how we ate: healthy oils, organic fruits and vegetables, little to no red meat, loads of fish, and mountains of teas, herbs & vitamins. 

It worked. She recovered, remarried and re-engaged in all the activities she loved . . . but with a very different body type (the chemo, radiation and steroids took their toll) and a very skewed notion of what “healthy” living and “wellness” were really all about.


Life continued on into junior high and high school (I’ll spare you all of the family drama inbetween, but the importance of knowing it existed will come to bear later in this discussion!), and mom stayed well. When it was time to “fly the coop” and head off to college, I chose a small, private school in southern Indiana and set off to being my new adventure. Within a few months I was flown home, withdrew from classes and spent the next several months in bed with mono. Wellness didn’t prevail. 

My second attempt took me to the University of Colorado at Boulder where I thrived in school, poured myself into medical and behavioral genetics, and became very physically active: downhill and water skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and general physical fitness. After graduation, I moved to Phoenix to pursue a high school relationship and apply to graduate school.

And then I got the call.

The cancer? It was back.

My world turned upside down and so did all of my plans. I took at job to ride things out. And then – still dazed and confused – accepted a engagement proposal, quite my job, rescinded my grad school applications, packed my car and headed back home.


The years that followed brought extraordinary lessons in what wellness IS and what wellness IS NOT. Shortly after getting back home in the spring of 1994, the third diagnosis of cancer was the final diagnosis of cancer. The lungs filled with growths  were discovered in May, the wedding was in July, the funeral was in September.

Everything about life as I knew it changed forever.

And those crazy patterns of “healthy” eating? Back with a vengance. I could barely function after the loss of my mother, let alone eat. So I decided to cut out everything that contained an ounce of fat (yes, including oil, fish, nuts, butter, etc) and hit the gym hard – teaching upwards of 15 to 20 group exercises classes (or more!) each week.

The first baby came a couple years later without major issue. The second was after years of painful fertility treatments (there was no way my body was healthy enough to support a pregnancy!), but ended abruptly at 22 weeks. 

I needed a wake up call.

And FINALLY getting some good nutrition in my body – and slowing down – was that call.


It was amazing what happened – with my body and to my brain – when I finally started eating “read food” again and started taking some nutritional supplements that actually worked and filled in all the missing gaps.

It was like a light switch went off in my head and I could see clearly again. 

The clarity didn’t remove all the pain from my past or even the current pain I was experiencing in my marriage (I seperated in 2008 and divorced in 2010) or businesses (I had to shut down several between 2008 and 2010, and even wound up in bankruptcy), but I started eating more, exercising less and finding ways to fuel my body and my brain with activities that actually brought me joy: time outside, time with my kiddos, time with friends, time exploring my passion and hobbies, and time to just be with me.

I found my smile again. I found me again.

In the years that followed – despite a plethera of ups and downs – I managed to continue moving forward in life and business, collecting countless experiences, both personal and professional, that helped me define what was most important in this big thing called Life . . . and what I wanted my legacy to be. I realized the importance of balance.


The greatest lessons in balance have come in the years since.

In raising my children. In growing a new relationship. In learning how to blend a family.

In growing new businesses and closing down old ones. In building to the top in network marketing and falling to the bottom.

In sacrificing personal and family time, and learning how to make it a priority.

In eating a well-balanced, healthy diet and giving myself permission to splurge on the things I love most (like bacon, burgers, hand-cut french fries & chocolate ice cream). 

In burning the candle at both ends, and reading quietly by a burning candle.

Wellness, I’ve learned through experience, is a journey into the deepest parts of who we are and encompasses ALL of who we are: physicially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially. It’s not defined by the size of clothes we wear or our muscle tone. It’s defined by the person we see when we look in the mirror and the happiness we feel when we’re surrounded by those we love and doing what means the most.

Wellness is an ever-changing journey . . . experience . . . adventure . . . process. 

So, given all that, what do I recommend for YOU?

What brings you joy . . . and brings you into balance.

Wellness Products & Services

It’s not surprising – with an extensive clinical, nutrition and fitness background – that I’m asked two things: #1) Do I recommend nutritional products, and #2) If so, which ones?

The answers are simple: YES, and NOT MANY.

There are an infinite number of choices when it comes to nutritional supplementation. But the vast majority of products available on the market today – especially over the counter – are filled with harmful chemicals that disrupt the body’s natural capacity to thrive. This includes losing weight, gaining weight, building lean muscle, promoting good sleep, decreasing stress, eliminating toxins, sustaining energy & promoting a sense of well-being and happiness.

I believe in fueling your body with products that are SAFE, NATURAL and CHELATED.

I believe in maintaining and promoting GUT HEALTH (an issue I’ve personally strugged with throughout my entire life) and giving your body what it needs to naturally decrease inflammation and promote healing from the inside out.

I believe in evaluating ALL ASPECTS of one’s life – overall health, digestion, exercise level, personal goals, professional career, stress level, motivation & drive, finances, hobbies, interests, beliefs & more – when designing a personal, customized wellness plan and product program, everything that makes you “tick” is an integral part of the equation.

You’re not like me and I’m not like you, so why would we be on the exact same system?

When we work together, the wellness program you walk away with will encompass your entire life. It may include products and/or services (we can use mine or you can use yours), goals, action steps, custom nutrition plans, accountability, wellness resources, fitness programs & more. Special interest areas often include:















> . . . and more!

“Kellie is my trainer, business partner, and friend. She said two things that made me want to have her in my life: #1) She explained how some bodies have a different shape, form or composite than others without tossing out the usual ‘cut carbs or follow this program’ response, and #2) After explaining how – after birthing 6 children in 7 ½ years – I was left with heavy thighs and an out of shape body, she said three words:‘You ARE beautiful.’

I found in Kellie someone who, when I mention a goal or hope to, stores it in her brain and – at the most unexpected moment – will send an encouraging note or text. She is the real deal and I trust what she tells me because she treats me with respect. All the lives touched by her are better and healthier in so many ways. I am thankful to have her in my life.

Caroline Powell | Stay at Home Mom & Network Marketing Leader | Grand Junction CO

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