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(and Private) Genetic Test

You’ve heard about genetic testing . . . perhaps you’ve even considered it for yourself. But what is it all about, and how can it empower you to greater health and wellness?

Great question.

I think you should keep reading!


First things first. Remember that not all genetic tests are created equal . . . and not all providers are in the business of protecting your most personal and private genetic data.


There’s a reason some genetic testing is dirt cheap.

Genetic testing companies exist to provide a service and make money. So even though your test results may have only cost $69, $99, or even just $159, chances are your data is now swimming in a pool of information that’s being sold to interested third parties.

But, who would want your genetic data? Lots of people. Mostly those who are interested in the information contained in your unique DNA: ancestry specialists, insurance providers, researchers, pharaceutical companies, schools, advertisers, Google, and many more.

(PS: Here’s some trivia. Did you know that Google is the largest collector and seller of personal data on the face of the planet? And that 23 & Me was founded by the ex-wife of Google’s founder and CEO? It makes one want to say, “Hmmmmmmm……..?”)

Your first order of business is to ensure that you’re choosing the RIGHT provider to:

> #1) deliver the data you desire,

> #2) provide you with actionable information, and

> #3) keep you safe (you can read more about that here)


So, once you’ve ensured all of the above by choosing an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test, how can you “be empowered” with the results?

Great question.

And I still think you should keep reading! 🙂



AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Tests are an affordable investment. They empower clients by giving them actionable data. Data that can be used to create personalized nutrition, diet, and fitness plans without all the guess work.

We are all unique genetically. And with over 60 genetic variations analyzed, your personalized (and private!) AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test will:

  • . . . explain why YOU respond differently than others to certain exercise regimens or nutritional plans.

  • . . . help you maximize your health and fitness goals by helping you understanding your personal genetic make-up.

  • . . . give you insight into how you metabolize and process essential macronutrients like fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

  • . . . provide insights into potential micronutrient deficiencies so you can choose the right type and quantity of supplements and not OVER supplement like so many walking around the face of the planet right now (you don’t want to get me started…).

  • . . . take the guess-work out of making optimal nutrition choices.

  • . . . analyze genes involved with over-eating and addictive behaviors

  • . . . analyze genes involved with cholesterol tendencies, diabetes risks, exercise impact, vitamin deficiencies, soft tissue damage, high blood pressure, and more.

  • . . . reveal your “Overall Health Awarness and Effort Score” to determine your personal level of genetic flexibility (how hard are you going to have to work to stay healthy?).

  • . . . bring awareness to your current lifestyle and direct you towards any dietary, fitness, and behavioral changes that will deliver the results and outcomes you desire.


An AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test has the ability to change the way you think about, treat, and care for yourself. In the end, it could change and save your life!

So, who can benefit from AGS Genetic Testing?

Simple. Anyone looking to improive their overall health and wellness.


– People who want to lose weight

– People who want to create better eating habits

– People who want to understand genetic tendencies for weight management

– People looking for the best exercise routine for their genetic makeup

– People not getting the results they desire from current exercise or nutrition

– People who are gaining weight around their stomach no matter what they do

– People looking to increase athletic performance and ability

– People wanting to lose weight after child birth

– People looking to improve cholesterol levels without medication

– People wanting to minimize their supplementation and medications

– People who want to age slower, feel better, and be stronger

– People who need accountability and information to achieve their goals



– Children who are overweight and need to develop better eating habits

– Parents who want to understand genetic tendencies (cravings, sweet tooth, etc)

– Parents who want to help children avoid negative health patterns

– Children who want to choose the right fitness, activity, and exercise programs

– Parents who want to help children achieve optimal health and wellness

– Parents who want to avoid medication and oversupplementation for their children

– Parents who want to understand genetic predispositions to help thei children

– Parents and children who want to improve wellness behaviors + outcomes


>>> To learn which AGS Health & Wellness Test is best for you, SCHEDULE A CONSULT HERE.

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Anyone can consciously work to overcome many genetic predispositions by first knowing which genetic variations they possess, and then choosing to implement diet and exercise habits that are best suited for their unique genes.

The AGS Health & Wellness Genetic report is an excellent tool for adults, children, men, women, healthy, unhealthy, young, and old.

It’s perfect for fitness instructors and nutritionists who want to help their clients optimize their diet and exercise routines.

It’s perfect for health clubs that want to generate new revenue streams by implementing genomic-based personal training and exercise programs.

It’s perfect for companies that want to build or grow their onsite corporate wellness programs and save money by improving the health of their workforce.

Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) LLC is a pioneer in the development and delivery of Health & Wellness and Drug Sensitivity Genetic Testing. By providing reports in an easy-to-read format, AGS has simplified the delivery of complicated genetic data and offers post-testing consultation for free. Unlike several other genetic companies, AGS does not sell or transfer any of our client’s data. Period. AGS adheres to strict confidentiality and privacy laws that ensures the privacy of each client’d genetic information. No exceptions.

Are you ready to begin your genomic-based wellness journey?

Are you ready to unlock the secrets hidden inside your personal DNA?

An AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test will help you understand yourself with absolutely clarity, and privacy. Not all companies can make that guarantee. As a consumer, it’s your job to be enducated and make informed decisions that protect your personal data.

If you have additional questions before getting started, or would like to learn more, let’s connect live. Together, we’ll create a plan that’s personalized to YOU and select the tests and coaching options that put the power of your life and living back in YOUR hands.

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