I have a big idea.

At least it seems fairly big given the countless number of wellness programs and coaching courses filling up our social media newsfeeds on a daily basis. You know the ones I’m talking about . . . all the cookie-cutter “magic bullets” that promise to improve your life, health, fitness, and nutrition – or those designed to help you build your business, grow your reach, and market your products without leaving your home, talking to anyone you know, or getting to the root of what’s actually holding you back.

But YOU are not like everyone else.

Only you are . . . well, uniquely YOU.

So when it comes to increasing your level of happiness and success in life, and achieving everything you set out to accomplish, it’s not “one size fits all.” And it’s not about the latest gimmick or trick.

Keep it simple and stop guessing. You don’t need to spend countless hours scouring the internet or trying every fad that comes your way. You don’t need to fall victim to one way of doing things when what might work for someone else may not actually work for YOU.

What you need is customized, accurate information that introduces you to everything “YOU.” What you need are personalized Success Strategies that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be and achieve the outcomes you desire. When you do, you will 

  • I do NOT think you need to radically alter your audience.

  • I do NOT think you need to radically modify your operating system.

  • I do NOT think you need to radically change your “why,” purpose or passion.

My big idea? Simple.

“Clarity about WHO you are leads to

authentic communications with others.”

My Approach

My desire is to help others succeed in life and business without fundamentally changing WHO they are and WHO they were created to be in the process, and honoring the individuality and personal wants, needs and desires of others at the same time.

As entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, our struggles can seem so large – not enough time, energy, or know-how to succeed. They seem to form an enormous black hole of “failure,” and we falsely believe that we have to flip an equally enormous switch in ourselves before we can create the life we desire and deserve.

But the truth is that most of our success is based not on huge, sweeping changes, but on making minor adjustments (how we see ourselves, how we view others, how we analyze and interpret experiences, how we set goals and manage time, etc) and reaping enormous rewards in response.

When we focus on three, simple Success Strategies, and use them to implement change in our perspective and interactions, everything WILL change for the better:

> Strategy #1: Acknowledge our own unique and powerful strengths.

> Strategy #2: Address any possible limitations we may have.

> Strategy #3: Focus on bringing out the best in others.


When we focus on understanding ourselves, learning everything we can about others and celebrating WHO we are, HOW and WHY we do what you do, and WHAT our core talents and skills are, we free ourselves to soar in every area of life.

Why leave your happiness and success to chance? If you’re willing to do the work, but want measurable results, you’ve come to the right place. My goal is to help you create clarity about WHO you are so you can understand others, build your confidence, and develop authentic communications with others. I will to equip you with the tools you need to generate more sales, attract more people into your life, and gain the balance you need and want to live more of your greatest life.

It’s called The Growth Project . . . I can’t wait to share it with you and get started!


My Mission.

“Empowering people to reinvent their lives, reach their potential and become their greatest possibility.”

Other Me Stuff

My mission, perspective, and expertise come from a journey I had to go through myself first . . . a journey that continues with every breath I take and has become the foundation of all the work I do. My core growth philosophy came from my mom and drives everything I do day-in and day-out: “The greatest lessons we have to teach others are the very ones we must also learn ourselves.”

As a wife, mom, entrepreneur, consultant, coach and trainer my days are filled to the brim, but filled with people and work I love: helping transforming lives, positively influencing businesses, serving people, and simply improving the experiences people have during their short time here.

My leadership, sales, and personal/professional mentoring programs stem from years of experience and are designed to empower people to achieve greater possibilities and become their own greatest possibility along the way.

I look forward to knowing you, working with you, and discovering how we can reinvent our lives, reach our potential, and achieve even more – together.

Hugs & Happiness,


“Kellie’s love for helping others is unending.  She is always reaching out and training, guiding and helping anyone who needs it.  Her love for wanting to help people succeed is unending and she does it all with Love, Grace and Integrity.  I feel blessed to be her business partner and friend. “

Stacey Brown | Salon & Spa Owner | NWM Business Partner | Delta CO

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